Sustainable Collection

This collection showcases brands that use fibers and processes that are less harmful to the planet and the people who produce them. Scroll down to learn more.

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At Scout we understand the toll the fashion industry takes on our planet. That is why we are working to bring in more sustainable products. This is our collection of brands and products that are produced in a more sustainable way with fibers and processes that are less harmful to the planet.

The products in this collection make the cut based on the production process, ingredients or fiber content, or packaging. We have a growing collection of sustainably produced denim from brands like Boyish, Dr. Denim, and Mavi. 

If you are looking for truly sustainable denim, BOYISH is your best bet. This company started producing sustainably from the start and their denim is plant-based, organic, non-toxic, recyclable, and carbon neutral. 

Mavi is making great strides to transform its brand, adding new sustainable options each season and Dr. Denim puts thoughtful practice into how they produce and ship.